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  • Foster the celebration of diversity, the spirit of universal responsibility and the understanding of interdependence across faiths, creeds and religions.
  • Support personal transformation in ways that facilitate larger processes of social change. 
  • Develop and sustain peace building and coexistence initiatives in regions of violent conflict and social unrest.
  • Encourage and cultivate Ahimsa (nonviolence) as a guiding principle for interaction among human beings and with their environments.
  • Offer inclusive and holistic paradigms of education that prioritize experiential learning, cross-cultural dialogue, and a global ethic of peace and justice.
  • Build capacity for conflict transformation, human rights and democratic freedom through partnerships with civil society groups across the globe.
  • Explore new frontiers on understanding of the mind by building bridges between science and spirituality.
  • Support the professional development of future leaders and decision-makers through scholarships and fellowships.
  • Create media products and educational materials that promote the objectives of the Foundation.
  • Nurture an understanding of the relevance and value of Tibetan civilisational heritage to contemporary issues and predicaments.