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About the Foundation

The Dalai Lama Foundation was established in 2002, with the Dalai Lama's endorsement and advice, by a core founding group including long-time friends of the Dalai Lama and members of the Silicon Valley business community. Participation is open to all, and anyone who wishes to support the Dalai Lama's vision for a better world is warmly welcomed.

The foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization, with a board of directors and paid and volunteer staff. The foundation is international in scope, with a growing network of National Chapters that includes Japan and Russia. Foundation headquarters are located in Palo Alto, California, USA.


The Dalai Lama Foundation's main program focus is in the area of education, promoting and developing projects and curricula for ethics and peace. Efforts in the curriculum area are guided by an advisory board of professional educators. The foundation's initial offering was a Study Guide for the Dalai Lama's book Ethics for the New Millennium. This guide is available for downloading by anyone wishing to form a study circle to engage in their own exploration of values and ethics.



Mission and Values

“My religion is kindness,” says the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education embraces this ethos and the Dalai Lama's belief that each one of us has a responsibility to “develop the heart, cultivate compassion and work for peace within oneself and in the world.”

The Vancouver-based Center is an embodiment of the Dalai Lama's lifelong commitment to compassion and inner well-being. Founded in 2005, the Center is envisioned as a world-class institution, firmly grounded in Vancouver yet highly visible on the global stage. The Center will offer programs that tap into the myriad alliances and initiatives forged by the Dalai Lama over the last four decades. To promote international peace, the Center will translate the Dalai Lama’s principles into concrete action.

“Educating the heart” is our tag line. The Center will provide a learning environment that cultivates mindfulness: the integration of mind, body and spirit. It will encourage heightened awareness of our inner potential through diverse practices of art. And it will provide a venue for creative interpretation of the world’s many wisdom traditions.

The Center has no religious or political affiliations. Peace will be advanced through education, personal transformation and dialogue. The Dalai Lama believes that vital, sustainable communities depend upon many small, individual acts of compassion and helpfulness. By thinking less about ourselves and more about others, we enhance our own growth and happiness. By helping others, we contribute to the greater good. Along the way, our lives and the lives of others are transformed.

The purposes of the Center are to enhance awareness of interconnectedness, to encourage the practice of compassion among youth and adults in all walks of life and to contribute to the development of peace across the world.


Educating the Heart: A Global Aspiration

The Dalai Lama’s vision of the learning process involves a full engagement of our physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions. This holistic approach seeks wisdom rather than mere information. It naturally plugs into our capacity for compassion, forgiveness and imagination. This way of knowing – the cultivation of empathy – is at the heart of moral development. The Dalai Lama believes that the most essential knowledge arises not from the head but from the heart.

The Center is committed to education that fosters cognitive development and spiritual self-reflection. Under the guidance of the Dalai Lama, the Center will develop educational initiatives that nourish both intellect and wisdom in service to the greater good. From its foundational concern for "educating the heart", the Center is working to build strong connections with others in the community in support of current and future programs.




The Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values at  the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is dedicated to inquiry, to dialogue, and to the creation of programs that affect the ethical and humane dimensions of life. This nonpartisan center is a collaborative think tank focused on the development of interdisciplinary research and programs in various fields of knowledge from science and technology, to education and international relations.

The Center is founded to honor the vision of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama and his call for a holistic education that includes the development of human and global ethics. It will emphasize responsibility as well as examine meaningfulness and moral purpose between individuals, organizations, and societies.


It is The Center's position that we live more fulfilling lives when we are motivated to make positive contributions to society. There are many technological advances, crises in world economies, and environmental changes that are motivating many to act today. Programs at The Center are designed to help each of us redirect our creative energies into enlightened actions that not only renew our personal motivations, but sustain our communities and societies as well.



About the Institute

Welcome to the Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education (DLIHE), Bangalore! The Institute is the first of its kind in the Tibetan community in India and as well as the World. Please explore our website as we share an exciting vision for the future of education, and for the advancement of the young people of the Tibetan community in exile. After you have read about how the need for the Institute has arisen from our unique situation in India, as well as our vision for the future, we welcome your support, encouragement, and ideas for its further development!

The Institute is a part of the Tibetan Children’s Village (TCV), an integrated charitable organization for child care and educational services. True to its initial vision, as set forth by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the mission of TCV is to ensure that all Tibetan children under its care receive a sound modern education and a firm cultural identity, so they can become self-reliant and contributing members of the community and the world at large. Over the years, TCV has grown into the largest autonomous educational body in the Tibetan community in exile. In several significant ways, TCV has set the pace and tempo of school management, and has consistently worked hard to improve the quality and scope of education at the higher level. The Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education, Bangalore, is TCV’s latest educational endeavour, and one of the most significant projects ever undertaken by TCV. We welcome your interest in the Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education!
The Mission of Tibetan Children’s Villages (TCV) – an integrated charitable organisation – is to ensure that all Tibetan children under its care receive a sound education, a firm cultural identity and become self-reliant and contributing members of the Tibetan community and the world at large.
To create a holistic and integrated higher education curriculum on its campus.
To enable the students to delve deeper into their area of specialization.
To enable the students to become passionate life-long learners.
To enable the students to make a difference wherever they live and work.
To foster in students a strong sense of responsibility for their choices and actions.
To meet the academic standards set for each course.
To foster excellence in learning through inquiry.
To work together to create a culture of mutual trust and respect.